The GabeN.org SuperUnSerious Silly Server is a community server all about fun and pushing the game to its limits. Never come to our server expecting to play a normal round of TF2.

Whether it's our assortment of over/under powered weapons available to the random passer by, or the customized weapons available to our members. Or our admins having a little fun with everyone online. Or how we change so many aspects of the game that you'd never expect. Come by for a good laugh, and never take what we do too seriously.

This site is still under construction. It looks ugly cause we want to give you a site that at least works before making it look better.

Currently Connected Players

Looks like there's nobody on right now! Come enter the server and bring a friend along to have some fun! Who knows who might stop by if you do

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Server Membership

Server members are basically people who come by and help the server have fun. Conga party? Join in! Throw some Sandviches! Jump on people dancing! Suggest ideas for weapons!

Server members get access to some extra fun commands along with the ability to request their own custom weapons! Want a Chargin' Targe that does no damage but lets you charge for long distances constantly? We can do that! What about a Rocket Launcher that shoots BACKWARDS and has a huge blast radius? We can do that too!

Want to become a member? It's easy! First, be a part of the server and show your enthusiasm for being silly, fun, creative, and a generally good member of the community. KILLING PEOPLE EVERY CHANCE YOU GET WILL NOT MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU HERE.


After that, simply login to the site using your Steam account, and then click the button to request membership!

Already a member? Login, ya silly!